Fine Art by David Loew

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Chicago artist David Loew has earned a reputation as an accomplished artist, and photographer. In the commercial world Loew is best known in the publishing industry. He has worked with companies as varied as Playboy magazine, HBO and Miramax Films; During his career he has created cover art for over 250 titles, among the authors are such notables as Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Higgens Clark, Ruth Rendell, Len Deighton and Derek Van Arman, to name a few. As a fine artist, Loew has exhibited in numerous group and one-man shows in both the United States, Europe and China, where he lived for eight years.

He currently lives in Dumaguete for the past 3 years..

If there is a central theme that runs through all of David Loew’s artwork it’s their narrative quality. This includes his early work as a realist painter, his meticulously crafted digital images and his series of haunting photographs in Lost Shanghai. His current work is abstract, all of these works in one way or another tell a story. What he shares with us in his artwork is a personal exploration of his life experience, his relationship to the world and the human condition.

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